Commercial Insurance

As no business is identical, we tailor programs to fit your specific business needs to ensure you are protected.  Let us offer you peace of mind so your attention can be on growing your business.

General Liability Insurance

The best way to handle liability is to do everything you can to reduce risk, while running a safer, more productive and ultimately more profitable business.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Having workers’ compensation insurance is actually required by law in almost every U.S. state. There are differences in the rules and requirements for each state, and most vary significantly.

Property Insurance

Property insurance is the term used for a policy that provides financial reimbursement if a property or its contents are damaged in the event of damage or theft

Commercial Auto Insurance

Accidents can damage your businesses’ reputation, and seed doubt for your concern of both public safety and your own employees.

Employers Practices Liability Insurance

The cost of Employers Practices Liability Insurance depends on various risk factors, like industry, size of work force, and previous employment practices. With these types of lawsuits on the rise, it’s important to protect your business regardless of its size.

Cyber Liability

Just about any organization that uses technology to do business faces cyber risk.

Group Benefits

When people think about Group Benefits, they generally think about health insurance. In reality, Group Benefits includes much more than just health insurance — it includes a broad range of products and services.