Classroom Contributor: Teacher Cathy Mendez

Cathy Mendez teacher initiative

Cathy Mendez, a Spanish & French teacher at Our Lady of Grace in Encino. California graduated from Cal State University of Northridge with a degree in Spanish. With over 15+ years of teaching foreign language to middle school students at both Pinecrest Middle School and Our Lady  of Grace. Cathy loves to find ways to bring her lessons to life.

Wishing for her 7th grade students to experience the history of  Mesa-America and the beginning of the pueblo of Los Angeles. She is looking to plan a field trip the Museum of History for her class. The total cost of $600 will cover the transportation for the class for the trip. Let’s support Cathy in making this field trip possible and sharing the rich Latin Los Angeles culture with her students.

Throughout the year, Faculty Insurance and local community leaders will be sponsoring and promoting funding efforts to help our educators meet their goals and dreams within their classrooms. Teachers and their projects will be selected throughout the year, and Faculty Insurance will launch community campaigns to help fund their projects. We want to let them know they are not alone and there is a community which stands behind them ready to help.

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Our Mission

The Classroom Contributor mission is simple. Our teachers work hard, and most schools struggle to fund special programs that make the classroom experience special, so Faculty Insurance wants to help by funding projects that will stimulate creativity, educate on entrepreneurship, and teach financial literacy.

We’re all about finding ways to give back to the community, and are focused on doing that with our teachers. Our program is set up to support local businesses who help fund our Classroom Contributor initiatives, with the teachers and their students at the heart of the program.

How The Program Works:

Are you a teacher?

Do you have an interesting project that you need help funding?

Are you a local business?

Would you like to help bring a project to life?

It’s easy to apply. Just click on the button that applies to you, Teacher OR Business Partner, and fill out your information. Once your application is submitted, our team will review it and come back to you with an update.

The number of projects we can support will be determined by the local business support that comes in, so let’s get the word out about Classroom Contributor so that we can help make a difference in our classrooms.