Classroom Contributor​ Partner Application

Teachers are in their classrooms everyday, teaching our children how to read and write, connecting with them through science and technology; they challenge, mentor and inspire the future of our community.

As a business partner, you are providing resources to the teachers to build important programs in our community.  We thank you for wanting to step up, get involved, and support Classroom Contributor. Getting involved is easy, and while you can jump in and support a single initiative, your partnership over a period of time will allow more initiatives to come to life.  A little will go a long way, so let’s share the opportunity to give back to the community!

The application process is easy for both our teachers and our business partners.  Just fill out the application and submit. We’ll do the rest and be in touch. Projects with longer lead-times are better so we can build in time to match up a partner, and fundraise.


    Please provide your information below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.